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Holiday Period Rent Collection

Some tenants could possibly be pre-occupied this year with booking breaks and also purchasing a brand new poolside wardrobe. Precisely what won’t be at the fore of their heads will be paying the rent, particularly when they open the credit-card bill and see a demand for the two-week vacation to Tenerife.


The same as Christmas, the summer season is a highly-priced time of year for tenants and not all people are going to prioritise paying the regular monthly rent. That’s the reason why it’s important to place greater importance on punctual monthly rent collection throughout June, July and August.

Letting Agent Dover Now Offering Assured ‘Let only’ Rent Security

We are  today offering property owners assured rent insurance protection for our let only services.

How the system operates is the FCC Paragon gathers the rent straight away from the tenant. FCC paragon then pay to the landlord month to month regardless of if the tenant will pay. So the landlord is guaranteed is rent on a specific day of the month, normally the date the tenant moves in.
The prices for this support is as follows:
To pay per month is 3.5% of the gross rent, which FCC Paragon will deduct at source
To pay off all the fees up front is 3% of the gross rent.
Additionally there is an administration charge of £25.00

Please make contact with us for additional information info@doverlettingagency.co.uk



Welcome to the Dover Letting Agency

Welcome to the Dover Letting Agency Blog, We are Dovers newest letting agency focusing soley on lettings, we have over 20 years experience in the local housing markets & are currently offering our services free of ‘VAT’ & VAT inclusive when applicable.

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