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Landlords Required in Dover Kent

“Landlords” is your agent costing you money?

A lot of properties are staying empty, or taking their time to be let simply because agents are charging to much tenant/admin fees.  We here at Dover Lettings Agency understand the problem that’s why our tenant fees are fair and reasonable and also negotiable in certain cases.

The dearest in the local area is around £447.00 for one tenant plus another £60 if you want to move in on a Saturday, this does not include rent in advance or deposit. We understand there is more than one reason why properties stay empty, but one of factors is high tenant fees.


Landlords get in touch with us and see your income  grow.


“Landlords” is your agent costing you money.

“Landlords” is your agent costing you money.

Beginner Landlord Advice – Some Simple Tips

Beginner Landlord Advice – Some Simple Tips

During the last decade more than a million British people have become landlords. Apart from picking the best investment property or home as a landlord there are several methods after this that can be essential to helping to make a full success from your current purchase. Some of these are how you attract tenants, fulfilling your legal commitments, determining the best landlord insurance protection and being familiar with how to manage tenants over time.

On the subject of appealing to tenants you should not become over-relaxed because you identify that rental marketplace demand is increasing. Ensure that the residence is spotlessly clean as well as in the best condition. It is beneficial giving your property a facelift with a neutral colour of fresh paint; not only does this ensure it is more desirable to possible tenants but as well as provides them the feeling that you will be a good landlord.



Go a step further as some professionals would by adding in touches such as fresh flowers coupled with candles, and even the smell of fresh premium coffee or fresh baked bread which can make the residence homely. If you already have tenants in the property in that case ask them to would you the favour of ensuring it is clean and arrive in plenty of time to check the property yourself and make any necessary adjustments.

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Landlords & Properties Required In Dover & South East Kent

Properties and Landlords Required in Dover Kent ! {No VAT for a limited period} Call us today !


Superior rental properties of all sizes are required in Dover & surrounding towns. Should you have a home that you would like to let or a tenancy that may be coming to an end in the near future, please contact us with the information and let us do our upmost to locate you the ideal

At Dover Letting Agency we manage and market a varied range of properties which results in a comprehensive database of past, current and prospective tenants seeking properties in Dover and the surrounding locations. These comprise of students with guarantors, successful couples looking for more luxurious houses and apartments, families requesting properties located close to schools, senior and mature couples and individuals requesting reduced maintenance flats and homes.

If you have a property, contact us today on 01304 268101 and we will arrange to carry out a rental assessment and discuss everything you need to know.

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